Message from the Organizers

We are delighted to announce that the second International Symposium on Innovation in Materials Processing will take place at the Phoenix Jeju in Jeju, Korea from 6-8 November 2019.

ISIMP 2019 brings together leading scientists, researchers, engineers, practitioners, technology developers and policy makers in materials processing to exchange information on their latest research progress and innovation.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Jeju for this unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with experts and professionals from academia and all branches of the industry.

On behalf of the ISIMP 2019 Organizing Committee.

Dr. Chang Kyu Rhee
Prof. Hyoung Seop Kim
Prof. Sung-Joon Kim
Dr. Ji Hun Yu
Symposium Chairs

Prof. Jai-Sung Lee
Chair of International Affairs in KPMI